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No doubt that Peacock Alley with an unusual and magnificent Pendulum Clock, a tradition for every Waldorf Astoria property, is the site of countless rendez-vous.

You will be inspiring by the views of the incredible beauty of the ocean and the endless horizons of Miami from branded interior halls, luxuriously furnished terraces of Peacock Alley.

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Experience the real bliss by sitting in the elegant private bar and tasting drinks and cocktails.

This asymmetrical location is united by a common architectural design, where you can feel the real energy flow of surrounding nature and beauty of created space.


The residents of Waldorf Astoria Miami's apartments will have special offerings of world renowned food and beverages, and more over - the access and prefered rates to exclusive hotel benefits including visiting branded restaurants and a bar with a tasting room a fitness center with private training studios, spa, a swimming pool with whirlpools and lounging areas, kids club, conference rooms and other hotel centers and necessary services, for example, house account signing privileges, 24-hour valet service and other useful amenities.

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Waldorf Astoria Miami is no exception in its reverent attitude to the amazing history of Peacock Alley, preserving this place as a stylish and impressive restaurant brand where extravagant breakfasts are served and a certain culture of famous author's cocktails is observed.