Property Markets Group (PMG) is one of renowned developers of Waldorf Astoria Miami, launched a 100-story tower south of Manhattan in 2021 as the tallest ultra-luxury hotel and residences skyscraper.

Founded by Kevin Maloney in 1991, PMG has become a premier national investment and development firm, operating throughout the United States.

PMG is recognized as the full-service and large-scale development company, having direct experience in the acquisition, renovation, financing, operation and marketing of commercial and residential real estate.

During its almost 30-year history, more than 157 projects have been developed by the company. More than 85 residential buildings in Manhattan have been successfully transformed to highly operating properties. New condominium projects are developing in Miami, New York, Chicago. It has over $9,1 Billion in real estate assets.


The North American leading private equity firm - Greybrook Realty Partners - specializes in investments in large scale real estate development and value-add assets.

On behalf of individual and institutional investors in more than 30 countries Greybrook develops projects ranging from single-family homes specially built for rent to ultra-luxury condominiums and retail properties.

Greybrook's current real estate investment portfolio includes more than 90 projects with 50 million square feet in total with an estimated completion value of $20 billion.

Having an impeccable reputation over the years, Greybrook RP actively collaborates with top-tier developer partners in creating ultra-luxury innovative condominium residences.

One of the notable Greybrook's projects in a partnership with Property Markets Group (PMG) is the invesment in the largest residential tower at 300 Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami.


S2 Development is known as a residential real estate development company dealing with multi-family and mixed-use development.

Moreover, the company, headed by J. Claudio Stivelman and Marc D. Schmulian, have been supporting the reputation of the leader in creating innovative and exciting landmark developments working with the world's most famous and reputable architects and designers for the last twenty years.

Following its basic principles - to combine creative design with high quality workmanship - S2 Development finds specifically oriented approaches in construction of luxury residential projects ranging from Bay Harbor Islands to Sunny Isles Beach.

More than 600 luxury waterfront residences in South Florida are in S2's track record.


Founded in 2017 by an investor Mark Scheinberg, Mohari Hospitality, a global investment company, is focused on the traditional sectors of real estate and hospitality in prime resort and urban markets, and leisure and philanthropic sectors from Canada to Spain.

To expand its ambitious plans in the luxury hospitality market, Mohari Hospitality is actively working independently and with partners,using various forms of investment: equity and debt in both development and operating assets.

The company's current investments in the residential development in Costa Rica, Canada and Europe and cooperation with brand partners including Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria and others impress us.

The development of new concepts for the protection of cultural heritage and the natural environment in each place of the business project is a recognizable approach in the work of Mohari's dynamic team.


The genius of Carlos Ott's architecture is in his talant to combine of a conceptually new construction geometry with the historical urban development and the natural environment.

Being a grantee of some academic awards, a winner of numerous world's professional prestigious competitions as well as architectural prizes, a master, an author of many unique achievements, including the international airports, banks, telecommunication centers, hotels, operas and other identifiable residences, uruguayan architect Carlos Ott can be considered as one of the best conceptual minds of his generation.

Ott's signature style is noticed in breathtaking designs in Germany, France, Singapore, Dubai, China, and other countries.


Sieger Suárez Architectural Partnership is a concentrating its activities in various directons of luxury high-rise residential design and development firm, based in Miami.

Sieger Suarez has distinguished as the creator of construction masterpieces, which are among the most prestigious residential buildings in South Florida.

The pleasure of a luxurious living space and the joy of comfort - that's what Suarez is ready to provide for the customers every day.

Conceptual approaches to Waldorf Astoria Miami construction was designed by Sieger Suarez Architects in collaboration with the world renowned architect Carlos Ott.


BAMO, a luxury hospitality and residential interior design firm, for thirty years, has remained consistent in its goals: to make architectural customer-oriented interiors gorgeous, incomparable and inspired to live and to dream.

BAMO's team is a brilliant band of like-minded people, fanatics of their business and professionals in architecture, design and art, bringing to their projects passion, collaboration and quality.

The desire to hear and understand the unspoken needs of the client helps BAMO to create original interiors far from everyday life.

Hotel, residential and corporate clients trust BAMO, because the accuracy, ingenuity and experience in the company's work allow them to make their clients' visions become a reality.


Born in Montivideo in 1946, an Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott is recognised as the the “starchitect”, who made a name for himsel due to his extraordinary vision of modern architecture.

He was thirty when he was selected from 744 participants to take part in a prestigious project, and then, won the first prize for the construction of the Opera de La Bastille in Paris in 1983.

Carlos Ott founded his own architectural firm "The Carlos Ott Partnership" in Toronto (Canada) in 1988. Currently, it employs architects, designers, administrative staff.


BAMO has branches in 20 countries on 5 continents. A talanted BAMO's staff consists of professionals who are passionate about their work and create elegant and amazing spaces where a bold flight of fancy is realized and clients' dreams come true. Аmong the objects of BAMO's portfolio are luxury houses, condominiums, world famous hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, and the unique collection of superyachts.

Property Markets Group

Property Markets Group (PMG) is a contemporary, dynamically developing national investment firm with the 30-year experience that carries out full-service, large-scale development and asset management operating in Florida, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia.

Nowadays PMG's assets include projects in the stage of pre-developement, construction, lease-up and sell out.